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AD auditoři a daňoví poradci a.s.. began its enterprise activities in 1997. Nevertheless, the trademark AD has been connected with audit, tax consulting and providing other consultancy for 15 years.
The company AD auditoři a daňoví poradci a.s.. is proud to show its stability in both long-term cooperation with our customers as well as very low staff turnover. Company growth and development are considered to be our principle aims. Most of all, we want to focus on consultancy connected with economy globalisation as well as meeting new clients abroad.

Entry date:                     11 March 1997
Business firm:                AD auditoři a daňoví poradci a.s..
Firm domicile:                Hradec Králové, Bratri Stefanu 1069/79b
Identification number:      252 66 292
Legal form:                     joint-stock company

Subject of enterprise:
- audit activities by law number 524/92 Collection of Laws, about auditors and House of Auditors of the 
Czech Republic, extant entered auditors
- organizational and economic consultancy and all other activities relevant
- assessing: a) current assets b) immovable assets
- activities of auditors, bookkeeping, tax register
- providing legal aid, financial and economic consulting of taxes (levy, fees and other payments, connected with taxes or not)



AD auditoři a daňoví poradci, a.s..  is a joint-stock company. It began its activities in 1997 as a successor of AD CZ, LC. However, AD crucial shareholders have been working in audit and tax consulting much longer.
We consider being close to our customers very important. You will find us all around the Czech Republic: in Jičín, Hradec Králové, Praha as well as in Ústí nad Orlicí, Kunvald, Brno. Our aim is to meet our clients´ demands, so it is a matter of course to provide services in their registered offices, too.
Currently, AD auditoři a daňoví poradci, a.s.. employs approximately 30 employees. Most of them are subject specialists.

We provide following services: audit, taxes, projections and expert evidences. These are the most common, although our supply is much greater, including any kind of consultancy that is relevant when running a company.

Not only expertise, specialization and complex supply of services, but also professionalism, flexibility, and active communication make our customers satisfied, which means that they come back again.
Company customers are big multinational company branches, big Czech companies, but also small and mean enterprisers. Among other customers are municipalities, universities, endowment funds from non-profit-making sector.
Company provides services all over the Czech Republic from Děčín to Břeclav.


The company has all conditions for continuous development. We plan to expand especially to Slovakia, Germany and generally to countries of European Union.

The company holding AD concentrates on following major activities – audit, tax consulting, projections.
We plan to provide services, which are connected with globalisation of economy (value added tax in EU, international accounting standards, allocation from EU).
Modern technologies and their usage are a must for us. Using electronic signature for communication with offices is a matter of course.



AD auditoři a daňoví poradci a.s.. – tax and accounting consultancy, auditing, projects

AD TAX s.r.o. – tax declaration, extra insurance responsibility, accounting

AD Fin a.s. – modern method of finance, demand administration, intervention, special projects etc.

DPE servis a.s. – tax, law and economy consultancy, legal disputes



Our auditing activities vary from those that are the most common ones (auditing final accounts as well as any other accounting information) to audits made due to any fraud suspicion, due-diligence audits, forensic audits, audits of grants from European Union funds, audits of public or non-profitable sector and others.

It is a matter of course that we meet all relevant auditing standards: Czech as well as international, their usage depending on relevancy.


Any possible kind of tax consultancy and communication with tax authorities on behalf of the client are those of our core activities that we pay great attention to.
To mention some examples of such situations, they are: help to clients during tax disputes, making and completing income tax returns (in this case it is a matter of course that we keep responsibility for the figures to be correct), completing tax declarations of other kinds of taxes, …
As tax disputes and tax returns have been remarked above, we still have to remind that we highly recommend prevention to avoid any unpleasant situation. Continuous tax consultancy gives the tax advisor a chance to see a problem at its very beginning. Thus, the help is much easier, without negative impacts. If the client´s aim is to minimize tax burden, it is also highly advisable to do a detailed planning, which is impossible without continuous consultancy.
We are ready to solve all kinds of tax tasks, including VAT rules abroad, having in mind the rules of the state relevant as well as European Union.
As transfer pricing and application of international treaties preventing double taxation gain importance, they are the fields of our consultancy too.


Avoiding and preventing problems is the best way. This is true about tax inspections and even about tax disputes too. We always recommend contacting a tax advisor when a tax administrator informs about their intention to launch a tax search or any other tax procedure.
Succeeding in such complex situations requires perfect knowledge of all the laws relevant together with familiarity with taxes and accounting. And this is what we offer – thanks to expertise plus experience we have.


AD is here for you when making any important decisions in terms of company changes. They might be any kinds of conclusion, for example choosing a suitable way of company structure in all fields: organisational, legal and economic.
Such decisions are necessary to be made not only at the beginning, but within all the process of running a company. They are sales of companies (or their parts), consolidation, company division, change of company legal form, changes connected with enterprise abroad and many others.
Our project specialists are ready to suggest possible ways of solution and recommend the most suitable one for a particular case, considering all the relevant aspects. After the client agrees on the project, we take responsibility for the task to be brought into effect.


We are a team of experts, some of us being authorised. Thus we are confident about offering any kind of report writing, beginning with contracts, property appraisals, good will and many others.
As expert opinions are compulsory in many situations – e.g.: in business combinations ex lege (consolidation, transformation, diversification, sales of companies or their parts, …), capital transfer and so on, AD is experienced in them.
Let us mention that expert reports are also welcome in many other situations: market price setting, as proper evidence in case of disagreement with tax administrator, ...


We provide accounting services (including international standard of bookkeeping, calculation, manager bookkeeping), reporting for parent company, wage agenda, consultancy (economic, organizational, financial, personal, grant area within the Czech Republic and European Union, etc.), lectures, presentations.

List of our services is far from being complete as we are ready to meet a huge variety of demands that a customer comes with.
You are welcome to contact us in any situation, having any tasks for us.


AD is a company that puts customers in the first place.
In co-operating with AD, you gain a reliable partner. We believe in customer satisfaction, so all we do has got a common goal – to achieve the best possible results. In order to maintain our high standards of customer care, we always have these in mind:

· Great attention is paid to: 
                                      professional approach
· We consider prevention a key principle of our auditing and consultancy activities. All that can be avoided is a target of our findings; not formalities.
· Active monitoring is our way; not waiting for the client to be in trouble or tax office to make their demands.
· Active communication with customer is what we pay great attention to: all consultancy activities are reported. Important phone calls and oral proceedings are summed in written reports, which client receives via e-mail. In case of communicating with authorities on behalf of the customer, we always discuss all steps in advance. Making a summary of relevant issues as well as results of our consultancy is a matter of course. Such information is to be found in an annual tax consultant report or in a letter of auditor.
· Being brief, definite and understandable in our outcomes, so that we are real help to our customers.